Cross-Tri Berlin 12.6.2016

by Carl Isaac (* Übersetzung folgt später *)

Temperature 16-19C, Water 21C (Neo verbot), 1km - 24km - 6km, about 58 starters, 53 finishers, 12 women

For me this was my first Berlin Cross Triathlon, and with the busy competition schedule over the next 4 weeks, my objective for today was to only to get some experience at this event for the future, get some BerlinCup points and of course have some fun. Due to warm temperatures over the last weeks, the swim was Neo Verbot, so good practice for Spreewald and the Regionalliga.

At 10am the start gun fired and we were off. I had decided to swim an easy tempo to start and unfortunately i had positioned myself to far right and lost contact with the first group. The swim course was a drieck of 500m, to be completed twice. On coming out of the water for the first time i trod on a sharp stone or shell, and cut my big toe, i hoped this would not give me to many problems later. To add to the cross feeling, exiting the water you also need to jump over some hay bales! I completed the swim in just under the 20 mins, fairly relaxed and about middle of the pack. I believed the course to be 100-200 m long based upon my current swim form.

So onto the bike. The bike circuit is 4 km long and is to be completed 6 times. The first part is 1km of climbing, in some places quite steep. What made it very hard was the deep sand, and i was glad that i had chosen the MTB over my normally preferred crosser, especially as wanted to ride relaxed and save my legs for next week. I rode most of the bike section with Marina Klemm, who would eventually win the women category.

Now onto the run. The run circuit is 1.5 km long and must be completed 4 times, it basically goes up hill for 750 m and then back down and round to the start/finish area. I got myself into my planned tempo, keeping it steady on the uphill and controlled and safe on the downhill. The 4 laps passed by quickly and i managed to over take a few others.

I finished in 17th place overall, 7th AK45!!!, and 5th AK45 for the BM. My toe seems ok, not to deep a cut, hopefully it will heal in time for Spreewald. If it was not so close to Spreewald i would really recommend this event. BSV Friesen did a great job supporting this event. The course is very challenging and fun at the same time.


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